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Birth Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Are you ready to see how a wise and loving Universe is working through you? Or perhaps, you’d like to have your own “blueprint for your psyche”, a revealing look at what makes you, you.

Get Nadiya Shah’s unique take on your distinct birth chart. This report will take you through your chart, step by step, and explore the ways in which the planets at your birth, and how they spoke to each other at your first breath, speak to who you are, and all you can be in this lifetime.

Take a look at the pdf sample on the side of this page, and you’ll see exactly what you’ll get; A complete pdf download, delivered to your email within a few hours of your purchase, for you to keep forever.

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Birth horoscope

$57.42 incl. VAT


Nadiya has painstakingly gone through all the possible planetary combinations to provide you with as complete a look as possible, utilizing her own interpretation and perspective. Each celestial conversation, known as ‘aspects’, is explored through the lens of empowerment and self knowledge, in Nadiya’s signature style, an affirmation of love and wisdom, lived through you today.

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